Schinoussa is located south of Naxos, in the centre of the Aegean Sea and is considered a heaven for travelers seeking contact with nature and themselves. White houses built with the typical Cycladic architecture, unspoiled natural landscape, unique beaches with blue waters, mild summer climate and relaxing atmosphere compose the inimitable picture of the island and create the perfect place for those that dream of a unique escape away from the modern way of life.

The main settlement, Chora, is located on the top of the island overlooking the sea and the surrounding nature, whereas the port Mersini is one of the best shelters of small ships in the Aegean Sea. Rounded hills and short distances are Schinoussa’s great advantage, letting visitors hike around the island through paths and reach all the beaches.

Other strong aspects of the island are the local cuisine and the contact with the open-hearted and hospitable islanders. The restaurants offer delicious, homemade dishes prepared with local products, since agriculture and livestock breeding are developed on the island. Attending local festivals and joining locals’ spontaneous feasts let visitors of Schinoussa live an unforgettable experience and discover the simple pleasures of life.


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